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Three months pregnant, gained weight,feel discusting around my man.

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Last year I finally reached my ideal body. I went from a size 12 to an 8 and finally a 4. I ran everyday, ate healthy and swam to stay in shape. November I found out I was pregnant with my second child. Now three months into my pregnancy I've only gained six pounds but around my fiance I feel so discusting I hate him seeing me naked. Going from flaunting my body in front of him to hiding in the dark. I keep excersising just not as much but I still feel aweful. It's stupid to stress over, but I do. How can I feel better about this entire thing?

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Look I use to feel the same way. its hard i bet many women go threw this. Just make sure u wear something nice every day and make up on to make your self look like a sexy pregnat womwen. Especially near Your man so he can see that just because, you are pregnat doesnt mean you can't look hot. Don't let your belly make u feel Dicusted think that is all worth it for that precious u have in there
If he loves you, he won't care! I laugh when my hubby says I look hot at over 40 weeks pregnant, and when he tells me my nursing bras are sexy, but I know he does it because he embraces all the changes that I'm going through for our family. You're making a person, you need to grow, so embrace it, and love your belly for what's in it!
For anyone who has been overweight and then come to their ideal, it's really hard. I did the same thing. I'm 5'8" so I can carry a little extra weight, but I don't like to. I had been 182 and then went to my ideal. Then I got pregnant. By the time I had my baby (very late) I was 206! (I did have conditions that pushed that number up) Needless to say, throughout the entire thing, and then after as well, it was very hard. My son is 9 months, and I am just now back to my pre-prego body.The struggle is a self-view. I also struggled with being healthy because of the numbers (oh, how I hate the numbers!). The key is healthy. Keep excercising, eat right, and know that you're setting yourself up for a better recovery and shorter time to your pre-pregnant self. Remember that nothing is more important than a healthy baby.If you're able to see yourself differently, the problems with your fiance will go away. He probably doesn't even notice the weight. Buy yourself something new that makes you feel great just the way you are right now. There's nothing like a new outfit to make you feel confident and sexy. :-)
Feel blessed you are having a baby.  Some people are starving for one and will never be able to have one.  You will always be able to get your body back if you want it back.  Enjoy the moment being pregnant is beautiful.  I'm 50 and I miss those days.  I would love to go back and be pregnant again and feel life moving around in me.  It was the most exciting moment in my life.  I would not trade it for anything.  Your so lucky to be having a baby.  Get over your stupid hang up and enjoy this new life inside you. GOD HAS BLESSED YOU WITH ANOTHER CHILD  BE HAPPY BECAUSE THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW YOU'LL BE LOOKING AT 50.
Same thing happened to me. I told him about it, and he said 'I actually find pregnant women very attractive'. and it helped a LOT. :)  I have also had a few guy friends tell me that they also find pregnant women attractive. 
My husband is deployed right now and will be coming home in a few weeks for his leave with a few days to spare before we become parents. I am so scared of about the same thing because I gained a good bit of weight throughout this pregnancy. But I am pretty close with my brother and he told me (not creepy or anything) that he finds pregnant women to be the most attractive women he has seen. Something about their glow....He said he was most attracted to his wife when she was pregnant. I wouldn't worry to much about being unattractive because most men do find pregnant women to be very appealing. Relax and have fun!!!!!
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