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My daughter is 2 years old already and im still not back to my original pants size ..!! i was a size 1 before i concieved her and after she was born i was a 9 ..!!!! And now im a 7 its been sooo hard to lose all the weight with exsersize and everything ..!! Does any one know any natural ways to lose weight...?

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There is one way to lose weight naturally: eat less and exercise more.  That's great that you've been exercising, but you don't mention what you've been eating or how you've been eating.  I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of counting calories, but if you're eating nothing but junk food, McDonald's, and pre-packaged meals, you're not going to stand much chance of losing any weight no matter how well you've been exercising. Start trying to eat healthier.  Don't go in for the fad diets; they  might work in the short-term but you stand a better chance of getting the weight back.  I really like programs like Weight Watchers, because they teach you HOW to eat healthy, instead of just provide you meals, so it's easier to follow when you're no longer part of the program. Exercise smarter, too.  It's possible that you're just not exercising enough to lose weight.  If you're walking/running a mile every day, up it to 2.  If you're taking the elevator, take the stairs.  Use your daughter as a weight and do lunges across the park.  Consider joining a Mommy & Baby workout group, or getting a trainer if you go to the gym. Good luck!
you need to make your new diet a lifestyle change, not something you have to do until the weight comes off. whole grains, not white, fresh fruits, a lot of fresh vegetables. you can put just about anything in a salad, and custom make your own for pretty cheap. chose a low-fat dressing, not something loaded with calories and fat like, ranch or ceasar. try a vinegarette. raspberry walnut is my favorite. try a spinach salad with strawberries, cucumbers, green peas, broccoli, and a shake of parmesan. top that with a low-fat dressing, and you have a yummy meal. avoid frozen tv dinners, soda, canned fruit packed in syrup, fast food, white pasta/bread/rice. you get the picture, i hope. eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive. if i went grocery shopping, and filled my cart with junk i would easily spend about $40 more than if i filled it with my usual healthy fare. you won't find a single sugary cereal, bag of potato chips, soda, snack cake, pop tart, etc. in my house. i buy v8 splash 100& juice. i stick with the flavors that have 17-19 gms. of sugar, and i mix the bottle half and half with water in a large jug. my daughter is 22 months, and she prefers asparagus to cupcakes. she has no idea what candy is, or god forbid chocolate. strange kid, she doesn't like sweets. if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a gym memership, get yourself a pilates kit that includes a medicine ball with pump, 2 resistance bands, and 2 and weight balls. i found one with a dvd included for only $17 at walmart. that's a great start for a low price. you can add other things as you like. when your daughter takes a nap, start your workout. you will have peace, and space. try a weight loss pilates dvd. you can find those at walmart for around $13. good luck to you.
Eat less red meat too. Maybe change your work out too since your body probably isn't straining from it like when you first started working out.

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