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tips on trying to concieve and after? 22 y/o-engaged.

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I am in perfect health, healthy weight and everything. I eat well and I excersise often. I do not smoke or drink. I know I am great for baby making lol however my fiance smokes cigarettes daily and only has one testicle... so what I would like to know is how hard will it be to concieve and how can I help him kick the habit?

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You won't be able to help your fiance kick the cigarrette habit unless he WANTS to kick it.  Until then, there's nothing you can do to help him, and any effort you make will only make him more stubborn. As for fertility, there's no way anyone on the internet is going to be able to answer that question decisively.  While most fertility specialists won't see you until you've been trying for one year, because your fiance has only the one testicle, it's possible they'd be willing to run a preliminary analysis on his sperm count for you.  It's a very easy test (although not much fun for the guy - who wants to jerk off in an office accompanied by magazines and a nurse on the other side of the door?), and covered by most insurance plans.  The test would give you an indication of your chances of conceiving, on his end, anyway. Good luck!
Do not even think about having children until your fiance has quit smoking. Exposure to second hand smoke is incredibly dangerous at all stages of life, but especially during fetal development, infancy and childhood. Do not put yourself and your child at risk.As far his fertility goes, he should see a fertility specialist. A doctor is the only person who can give you any idea of what you'll be dealing with in that area.Also, this is just my opinion, but you should wait a few years to have kids. Definitely wait until you're married and the two of you have had the chance to enjoy each other and married life. You shouldn't wait forever, having kids while you're young is great. But allow yourselves some time together first. I was 7 months pregnant when I married my husband and though we were both definitely ready for kids (I was 25, he was 28 when our daughter was born) we didn't have as much time with each other as we would have liked. Obviously, we wouldn't change a thing about our lives but the chance to vacation and have together would have been nice before we had kids. Children are a huge responsibility and they really do change every aspect of your lives. Make sure you're ready to commit yourselves to a child completely before you start trying. You won't have any chance at spontaneity once you have a baby. Vacationing with children can be very difficult. Give yourself the opportunity to experience how wonderful married life is before you rush into having children.

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