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Tired mommy

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I have an almost four month old (next week). He goes to be around 9 in hid crib . he will sleep through the night but is now rolling over but wont turn his head to the side after rolling over and then wakes himself up. He's now sleeping in my bed because im afraid he'll roll over and stop breathing because he won't move his head to the side. Any suggestions?

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If he wakes himself up after he rolls over, he's fine to stay in his crib. At four months old he should be able to push up. He can continue to sleep in your bed if you want him to, but if he has been fine in his crib, there's no need to change his routine now. If you are really worried, you can get an AngelCare monitor that is a mat your baby sleeps on. It has sensors that detect movement, and an alarm that will go off if there is no movement. This can give you peace of mind that your baby is ok during the night.
I didn't think about the mat..THANK U!!!!!

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