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To go back to work or not?

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Hello, I am 6 weeks pregnant and am just trying to plan for the adventure ahead! I have a pretty good job and so does my Fiance. I am not comfortable with dropping my kid off with someone Mon- Fri 8-5 while I work.. to me that is not being a good mother or parent.. If I am having a child I want to be the one that raises them.. not just pick them up after work and put them to bed.. What do I do? We will have some trouble surviving on one income.. but I can find other ways to bring home money.. I just want raise my kid, not have someone else do it... HELP!

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I felt the same way! I only have one child but also do foster care. I supplement my income by selling with Usborne Books. I make extra money and I get to spoil my kid (and other kids!) with awesome books! If this is something that might interest you, send me an e-mail and we can chat more.

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