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Today I did my first ultrasound n the doc says I am 6weeks pregnant n

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She told me to go back in 2 weeks for a second ultrasound since the baby is still tiny yet.And I am due aug 15 but didn't ask when I actually conceive, can anyone help me out here cuz I Dnt kno the calculation. Pls I need to kno friends

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Basically the doctor would ask you when was the first day of your last menstruation, and if you have a regular cycle.. and usually conception happens after two weeks from your last period (14th day for regular 28-day cycle)..because that's the peak of women's fertility. but idk about the irregulars, coz that's were I based mine since im regular.. let's wait til other mommies share their knowledge and experience. Anyway, just to share, I also got my transvaginal ultrasound very early  and there was only a sac with no fetal pole. I was worried that it could be a failure. But i was asked to return after 2weeks, and the ultrasound revealed that i was 7-8weeks pregnant already  based on the size of the baby and due on july. I was so happy to see my baby's heartbeat :) i hope both our baby would be born healthy :p
I am also due on the 15th of August. Concieved on the 22nd of November,with a last period beginning on the 8th of November.Congrats! What fun...we share a due date.:)

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