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Toddler eating habits

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My three-year-old has developed some Disturbing eating habits sometimes he will just chew his food and refused to swallow or he will just swallow his food whole without chewing my pediatrician advised me to after 20 minutes of him not eating to just take away his food however this went almost a full 24 hours without eating anything so I'm just wondering if there are any other Suggestions or if people have also had a similar problem, We have blended his food which just resulted in him Refusing to swallow we have tried to explain to him eating habits and shown him examples by watching his older brother we have also tried timeouts you try taking we've toys we have tried absolutely everything and I am just at my wits end with this behavior because eating has become a deal we struggle for every single meal, please help!!! And the type of food really doesn't matter because he'll do it while eating breakfast lunch and dinner as well as snacktime which includes treats! Ie cookies, pudding etc

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It sounds like he might have an issue with textures. Talk to your pediatrician about sensory issues. He may just hate the feeling of mushy (chewed/puréed) food.

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