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Toddler ignoring ONE parent

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I have a 17 month old son. When I tell him no or try to disipline him he won`t listen to me but when his dad tells him no he immediatly stops or does what he is told. Is this normal or is it something I`m doing wrong?

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My daughters still both listen better to their dad than me. My 3 year old was the worst of it, I litterally had to threaten taking her Dance star Mickey away to get her to listen. What I noticed was that, the second they didn't immediatly listen Dad would step in and enforce the rule, rather than letting me. I was also a lot more lenient than him. Once we sat down and talked about what was going on he was much better about letting me handle it. Just be consistant, if you say No, then don't allow the behavior even if it means getting up and removing them from the situation. Eventually he will learn you mean buisness. My kids still listen a little better to him ( all he has to do is say their name and they stop) but they listen to me and an $90 toy doesn't end up in a closet never being played with.
Males also have the different tone or hardeness in their voice. But last poster was right on with other causes of the child not listening always.
My kids listen to me more than they listen to their dad. I'm a stay at home mom and they're used to me being the disciplinarian and he's more easy-going. So, if you are the parent who is more likely to give in, that's why they listen to their dad better. If you're normally the strict parent they probably don't listen to you as much because they're more comfortable testing boundaries with you. It's very common for kids to behave better for teachers or other authority figures and to misbehave for their parents. Just make sure you are always consistent with your discipline and they will listen to you, even if it takes a few reminders.

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