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Toddler separation anxiety ?!

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My son is 2 years old. Since i went back to work after the maternity leave, my husband has spent much more time with him than myself. Dad is the one dropping him off and picking him up at daycare 80 percent of the time.. Sometimes i have to work late hours and don't see the baby (because he is always my baby, no matter what age) for a few days. My son adores me - but i am afraid that because he sees me less, he has anxiety over me. He doesn't let me go when i'm home, follows me around - which is not bad. He completely ignores dad at the same time. But a lot of times, he will get hysterical in my presence - demanding that i carry him around non-stop, or acting as if somehing is bothering him when 2 seconds ago when i was out of sight or not home, everything was fine. The only way he finally calms down is either i cave in and carry him around home ( i can't keep it up for long), or if is dad manages to distract him and i disappear either in the kitchen or in another room. I know my son loves me, but is is he hysterical around me so often ??? This is our work week dynamic - on the weekends, he completely prefers me to dad and we do things together without the tantrums. Overall , he is a joy to be around, lovely boy withgreat disposition but our evening dynamics is wearing me down. I don't want to hide from him in our home, at the same time i can't take the crying and screaming almost every night. Any idea what might be going on in his mind?

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It sounds like separation anxiety and it's normal. Instead of rushing around at home, trying to get things done, just relax with him. Have some cuddle time or play time, read him a book. He obviously needs your undivided attention, so give it to him. Your his mother. He needs you. That isn't something you should hide from or try to deflect. 

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