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toddler tantrums

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I am 21 years old, I work two jobs and go to school. my 2 year old daughter lives with myself, my boyfriend, and my father. my daughters biological father and I just split. Hoever, she is extremely clingy and freaks out when i leave. what can i do to effectiveky disciplin her that does not involve screaming? I live above a hair salon

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You need to be consistant that is the most important thing.  Do not get upset with her for being sad when you leave. That is not something you can change. Her life has gone threw a change and she wants to make sure you will be there for her. Explain you have to go to work and will be back. Give her something to look forward to. Say if you are good when I come back we can....(color, go for a walk, play, do puzzles) this will give her something to look forward to and motivation to listen to the other adults while you are gone. Make sure she is comfortable with the people in her life before you leave also.
She's going through normal separation anxiety. All kids experience phases of this a few times during their development. At this point she is probably confused and doesn't know how to deal with all the changes in her life. That, coupled with less time with you is very upsetting for her. Do what you can to spend as much quality time with her as possible. Explain to her that you'll be back and figure out a way for her caregiver(s) to distract her with something fun while you leave. Make sure that she has lots of activities to do while you're gone so that she doesn't get bored or lonely. Once she adjusts to things she should be fine.

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