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Toddler who wont sleep at night or take naps.

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Hi, My almost three year old son will not sleep, He dont take naps during the day even when I try to brib him with a sucker when he wakes up. I have tired everything. He wont go to sleep until 10 or 11 some night 12 or 1. Im too my breaking point with the no sleep, I get up at 4 in the morning for work and I wake him up at 6 so you would think he would be sleepy, He was even like this when he was a new born. So its been almost three years of barely any sleep, I really need some help on this.

answers (3)

Two possibilities is either he is a child who needs very little sleep or... more likely He is actually overtired by the time you put him to bed for the night and thats why he is fighting so hard so although it is counter intuitive try putting him to bed 10 minutes earlier every night ... also if you are constantly picking him up or indulging him when he refuses to sleep you will have to stop that otherwise he will never go to sleep at a reasonable hour
I know it is difficult you need to suffer maybe a week or two of putting him in his room shutting the door and goodnight. then everytime he gets up bring him back bed without saying a word, eventually he will realize that you mean business and  you are not backing down. It is basically supernanny 101.
he needs to be going to bed much earlier than 11pm/later. establish a bedtime routine such as bath, pj's, brush teeth, story. how much sugar are you giving him? with your comment about the sucker, i have to wonder.

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