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Toddler will not poop on toilet

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My son will not poop on the toilet. He will hold it in, sometimes all day, to avoid going on the toilet. He has NO problems peeing and wears underwear 95% of the time. He'll be 3 in Feb, he's been doing wonderful with peeing for months; he pulls his pants down by himself, steps up on the stool, lifts up the seats & puts them back down, flushes, pulls his pants back up but the second I ask him if he needs to poop, he gets so upset! If I set the cushy seat on the toilet and sit him down, even for 10 minutes, he won't poop. He used to poop while he was still in diapers every morning, so I started him on the toilet in the AM but he refused to poop. He's pooped twice at daycare but never for me. This is probably something that will just happen when he's ready... but its so frustrating! It's like he's constipating himself, causing himself to be irregular because of ...fear? Not sure why. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Thanks

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My daughter went through this to when she was about 2, She would pee on the toilet but was terrified to poop. A lot of kids are afraid because to them it's like losing a part of their body, Or sometimes they just had a bad experience that has made them afraid. Maybe at one point his stomach was hurting or he was constipated and he is afraid of being in pain again. It's like a shot, your kids are always scared of it because they have a memory of the pain. When I was potty training my kids I had a candy jar, and everytime they peed they got one peice of candy and everytime they pooped they got two peices. Eventually it was taken away and then they were just used to using the potty. You can try something like that, or make up your own method, be creative. 
My daughter was like this for a while when she was 2. She had no problems peeing, and loved getting her "peepee candy", but even with the incentive of multiple pieces of candy, she would never poop on the toilet, she's just do it in her training pants. FInally, I tried offering a small lollipop if she would poop on the toilet. We got some lollipops, and the next time she needed to poop, she asked to do it on the toilet. She got the lollipop and she never pooped in her training pants again.I don't know why it worked, but it did. When it came time to potty train out son, we didn't mess around. We offered the same candy rewards (no trying stickers first) and he has not had any major troubles.

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