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Toddler won't sit still in circle time

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I have a 19 mth girl who will not sit still in her circle time at daycare (she goes 3 full days a week) she is always walking around the room instead keeping to herself. Also i have noticed when we go to "classes" music, finger painting, she will only sit for a few minutes then wants to touch and walk around while all the other kids are sitting nicely. She is very stimulated at home with me, we constantly play games and learn. She already knows her primary colors, shapes and can speak them along with putting puzzles together, and getting me the specific book after i recite a line from it. Do you think she is just bored? or does she have a attention problem? From when she starting crawling at 5 mths and walking at 9, she has always been tagged the "wild child" in the mom's groups I attend. But ironically she doesn't hardly speak at daycare and they say she is shy and stands back observing a lot. When i am with her she just talks and talks and is very interactive with toys and such!! HELP and don't know what to make of it. They had to "test" her separately at daycare because of her shyness with all the other children, but to their surprise she was bright but only when she was alone.

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This sounds normal to me. My toddlers don't sit still for very long most of the time. It's also normal for kids to be shy in new settings. I wouldn't worry.

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