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Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks, I am having really bad back cramps...

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My back has been cramping really bad, I have been resting and taking warm baths but nothing works. Should I be worried?

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Are they like soreness or more like spasms? Do they feel like back labor? Try taking some Tylenol and if you don't feel better tomorrow give your doctor a call.
I have never had back labor so I'm not really sure,but it kinda feels like someone is hitting my lower back with a hammer.
I would call your doctor to make sure this isn't a sign of early labor or something. It never hurts to at least talk to a nurse.
Thank you, I was debating on calliing the doctor I didn't wanna bother him for no reason, but I was worried that I was going into early labor. I will keep you updated.
i know what your going thru! thru my pregnancie like durning my last trimister of pregnancie i had that mostly if i would move wrong or something and bad cramps but there probably brixton hicks contractions! but, most likely you should call your doc that's what there for even if you think that it's not something serious your baby's healthy is all that matters!(: congrats on your little one sooonnn too be here!(: but hope all and is goes well! i've barely had my son(: he's a month

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