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Too early to start?

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my little boy is turning 6 months tomorrow, and i wanted to start weening him off the pacifier so he doesn't hold the habit too long, is it to early to start? does anyone have any tips on getting a baby off a pacifier?? thanks

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I got my daughter off hers at about 9 months, and my son at 8 months. Neither one really had any problems with it, but they do constantly chew on anything they can get their hands on. My daughter even chews on her hair or fingernails. I'm not sure if it's related to getting rid of pacifiers early or not, but I'm thinking about waiting until a little later with my new baby.My son was a little sick and couldn't breathe through his nose when I got rid of his, so it was really easy. With my daughter, I took them away during the day. Once she was used to that (a few days later) I took them away at night. A few days after that I stopped using them a nap time. That required me to rock her to sleep and give her a bottle with some water in it.
i took my daughter's away the night before her first bday. i cut the nipple off completely, and gave her the remains. i began to wean her at 7 months by only allowing it at naptime and bedtime. she was very upset that first night going to bed without it. she cried for 45 minutes before finally going to sleep. i went into her room and rubbed her back about every 15 minutes or so. the next day, it was like the binky never existed. a week later when we passed by the aisle of binkies at wal mart, she looked as if she could care less. she mentioned wanting one a few minutes later, and i told her they were for babies. i explained that she was a big girl now, and didn't need one anymore. done deal. no whining, tantrums, or crying. she's always been good with transitions, though. with my second daughter, who is nearly 7 months now, doesn't like them. i tried and tried to give her one, but she refuses to use them. i was cool with it, until she began sucking her thumb. the ultimate horror in my house. i'm not going to make an issue out of it until she's one. that's when i will go through the necessary methods to get it out of her mouth. there is nothing more disgusting to me than someone sucking on their thumb. i hate it. i know it's a self-soothing technique for her, and that's fine now since she's a baby, but i'll be damned if my kid ends up with buck teeth because of it.
I waited longer, but I also don't think 6 months is too early to start. I would start by cutting down to only in the crib. With my first son we did the 'cut' method where we cut the tips of the pacifiers. It was a tough couple days (lots of crying in bed), but eventually he learned to self soothe without it. Good luck!

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