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too early test?

3 answers
I am 32 and I am trying to get pregnant for last two months. last sunday I had to go to the ER with UTI. the doctors had a blood test and urine test for pregnancy and both came negative. but I am late for my period date for 4 days. I am also having some symptoms that are similar to pregnancy, like bloating, nausea etc. now I am confused. Can it be that the test was too early?

answers (3)

Possibly.  Or maybe the meds for the UTI messed with your schedule.  The only way to be sure is to buy a pregnancy test and take it, or have your doctor run a blood test.  Good luck!  (And I hope you're feeling better - UTIs are awful!)
It could have been but I would wait another week or two and then if no period still, take a test.
Since it has been a week since your post, you might want to check again. The best time to check is your first trip to the restroom after you wake up. Also stress can make things go bad. Try not to stress too much.

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