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ok mommy's i wanna know that if i am under a lot of stress will it hurt my son because my little brother he'e very sick and he had stopped breathing saturday morning and they have him in icu well my little brother had water in his brain sorry i don't know wjhat it's called and he is paralized and he's blind as well so taking care of him is hard but i don't care i love him but he is also very smart for being the way he is it hurts me to see him sick and in the hopspital and it's harder on me because i have to take care of my baby my littlee sister that barely turned 1 my little bother and my sister! so it's harder than before.. any advice('':?

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Some studies have shown that babies pick up on other people's moods and respond accordingly. If you're happy, your baby is more likely to be happy. If you're upset, depressed, or stressed for extended periods your baby is more likely to be fussy and generally unhappy. You being stressed shouldn't really harm your son, but be prepared for him to be a little more difficult to deal with if you're stressed and unhappy around him. When you're with him, do your best to focus only on him and try to be happy.
i know its just really hard but that's what i try and do just focus on him and just him but my little brother even tho i love him and when i was sad my little brother would comfort me(: but thank god he is getting better!

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