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Too small?

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I feel like my tummy is too small for 5 1/2 months. I also haven't gained a significant amount of weight since I have been pregnant, maybe 2 pounds, but I wasn't thin when I got pregnant. This is my first pregnancy, and I really do not know what to expect. When I saw my NP in June, she said I was the right size but that was awhile ago. I don't know, how do I know if I am "the right size"? **Also, it is not the scale, because I have been weighed with 2 different scales, and they both say about the same weight.

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It's fairly normal to gain a small amount in the first two trimesters. As long as you aren't having any other strange symptoms you should be fine. If you're worried enough call you doctors office, they will be able to give you their opinion over the phone.
for the whole pregnancy you should gain 25-35 pounds. but that depends on your size before also. If you are a bigger person you should be gaining on the lower end, and if a smaller person you should be gaining on the higher end. the first trimester you should have gained between 1-5 pounds. the majority of your weight gain will be in the second and third trimesters. If you are worried about the weight gain definitely contact your doctor.Have you been eating well? you should be eating approx an extra 300 calories per day.Good luck.
Talk to your doctor on the next visit. I feel as though I am losing weight and I am farther than you. My doctor says as long as I feel the baby move, everything is okay. So, as long as your baby is active, it doesn't matter how little you are right now.
my cousin didnt look pregnant till she was 7 months and a few days before my beatifull niece was born she looked like she only had 3 months...!! It was incredible but the baby was born with a perfect weight almost 7 pounds..Nothing compared too me cuz i had a huge i mean huge belly by the time i had 6 months...!! as long as ur doctor says ur fine and your drinking your prenatal vitamins i dnt think u should worry....
But if you havent seen ur doctor for a while you should go see him or her to check you better be safe then sorry...!! I think all prengnant women should be seem at least once every 2 weeks man you never know...!!!!
My DR is having me see him ever month till my 3rd trimester, then every 2 weeks, then my last month of pregnancy, once a week. I am eating all the time it seems like aha, the only time I dont eat is right before bed and thats because if I do eat something, I will have morning sickness. 
they say how much weight you should gain depends on your size at conceptionl. If your Body Mass Index was normal you should gain 25-35 lbs. If you were underweight then you should maybe gain a bit more & if you were overweight gain a bit less. But overall as long as your dr is encouraging of how youre doing & isnt worried then things are good. Im 27 wks right now & barely look pregnant. in fact i can still wear my lil pre pregnancy t shirts. The dr says even though im so small my weight gain is good. personally i know why im so small & thats cuz i carry babies on my spine. Anyway whenever you have questions or concerns talk to your dr about it. its not just their job to check you at appts & be there to help deliver, they are there to help you however you need it. just try not to worry about things & enjoy this wonderful time

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