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Transitioning from infant room to toddler room at daycare

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My 15month old goes to daycare 3 days a week. She is currently in the infant room but will be transitioning into the toddler room in a couple of months. The staff has been trying to take her to the toddler room for a few minutes each day she is there, but she cries and clings to the staff. Whenever my husband and I take her out to the mall and let her run and play in the play area with other strange kids (some her age and some older) she seems to do just fine. She also does just fine at the toddler room at church with other strange kids. Why is she having such a hard time at daycare playing in the toddler room with other kids and staff she already knows? Please help!

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has your child been in daycare since she was an infant? if so she probably just doesnt want to leave her comfort zone. the infant room has been the 1st and only class she has been in. In the other situations she knows that you are there and everything will be ok, going into a new class by yourself isnt fun at first. She will do fine once she gets in there. good luck  

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