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Treating thrush....

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I'm almost positive that my daughter has thrush. Of course it happens on the weekend when I can't call her pediatrician. Any of you mom's have any advice on treatment? Thanks!

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Definitely take her to the doctor on Monday, but until then, don't worry. If she seems to be in pain and doesn't want to eat/drink you may want to take her to urgent care to get medication right away. But, if everything is normal you can wait. But do take her in, the medication helps a lot. Both my babies had thrush and the nystatin liquid really helped, even though they hated it. You can take a clean gauze pad or a wash cloth, wet it a little and gently wipe out her mouth. She won't like it, but it get some of the white stuff our of her mouth. I also did this with the nystatin liquid because it's more important that it get directly on the thrush spots. Just drinking the liquid made my daughter throw up every time.
Thanks, I am gonna call her doctor first thing Monday morning. How long did it take to go away once you got the medicine? 
My kneece had thrush and she took the medicine and it didn't work then her mom found something called gentian violet, or ginga violet something like that and it went away it will turn the mouth blue but it works.
It took maybe a week for it to go away. I thought it took longer but it turns out they both just had a milky mouth from formula, so I thought the white coating was thrush, but it wasn't. The nystatin worked for both of my kids, but it doesn't always work for all babies. It's best to try it first though, because gentian violet stains everything blue. You have to be really careful with it! Oh, and if you're breastfeeding you'll need to get a prescription for a nystatin cream for your nipples, otherwise you and your baby will transfer thrush back and forth to each other.

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