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Treatment for diaper rash?

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My daughter has diarrhea and now she has diaper rash, any tips on treatment? I know to change her often and use Desetin or A&D. Any other good treatments?

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I like to diaper cream, wipes and diapers from a natural brand. They use more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals so they irritate skin less. I like BabyGanics or Method for diaper cream, BabyGanics and Earth's Best for wipes, and Earth's Best for diapers. They can all be found at Toys R Us or Babies R Us. BabyGanics also makes a petroleum based cream that gives a thick, water resistant barrier to help heal more difficult rashes. You can also use an anti-fungal cream since diaper rashes can cause (or be caused by) yeast infections. My son and daughter each got one really bad diaper rash (that lasted longer than a week and got progressively worse) and the anti-fungal cream healed it in just a couple of days.You can also give your daughter some diaper-free time if you're brave enough. This will allow her to be completely dry before you put on her next diaper. Or, you can use a hair dryer with a cool setting.Make sure you do not use any sort of powder (baby powder, cornstarch, etc.) on her though. They do help absorb more moisture but the fine particles can easily be breathed in and are bad for a baby's lungs.
The time without nappy works wonders! i often leave my sone without a nappy on for about half an hour at a time. As long a your little one is on a towel and the room is warm it will be fine.. Even better if the sun is out! But I wouldn't leave my son in the sun that long, only 5-10mins then move him to a shaded area that is still warm to continue his nappy free time. It works wonders! And he just  loves the fresh air!

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