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tring to figure out how many weeks I am..please help

2 answers
The begining of my last cycle was 3/11/11, right now my mouth is watery constantly(yuck), i cant go 5min without a panty liner, the smell of smoke makes me throwup(and I am a smoker mind you), I cut up onions for dinner 4 days ago and even after washing dishes and bathing I still smell it strongly on my finger tips. I took a pregnancy test about 4 days ago and it came up positive, what I am confused about is, how many weeks I am to date..someone please explain

answers (2)

You are about 6wks pregnant. The way it was explained to me at the OB/GYN is that you start counting up the weeks starting with the date of your last period. When you go to the doctor they will explain everything. Hope this helps.
My last cycle was 3/12/11 and I recently found out I'm pregnant as well. I went to the doctor and they put me at 6-7 weeks pregnant for right now until I get an untrasound tomorrow. The only way to tell for sure is to go to a doctor. If you don't have isurance I'm sure there is programs in your state that can help you get some type of insurance to help you and the baby.

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