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trying for 2 years to have a baby need help?

4 answers
my boyfriend and i have been trying for 2 years to have a baby of our own for the first year i was on a fertility drug to promote ovulation with no luck. try an ovulation calendar with no luck cycles are all over the place and also now have been found to have an iron deficiency don't know what to do next my fertility doctor stopped seeing me she couldn't find an underling problem?

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has your b/f been checked??? maybe its him and not you....have you used those fertility test that supposedly can predict when your ovulating...also if i were you i would ask my obgyn to do a thorough examination of your reproductive system  and see what kind of referals he/she could give you to a fertility dr....GOOD LUCK
I agree with GreenBabies , your boyfriend needs to be evaluated. If all checks out then maybe you guys just need a mental break. Stress can be a powerful thing and could change/affect your cycle. Good luck to you both!
Depending how bad anemia you have it can affect your ability to get pregnant...
have your bf checked their could be a blockage or something

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