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trying to conceive :)

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So on jan 14th i started taking prenatal vitamins, then on the 17th i got my IUD (mirena), did the deed of course, it's now feb 4th and i am wondering when should i test?? i think i am prego.

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You should wait until your next expected period. If you didn't really have a period while your Mirena was in you should wait another two weeks before testing. But, I wouldn't expect to get pregnant immediately. All hormonal forms of birth control affect your normal menstrual cycle and chances are you won't ovulate immediately after having it removed. It could take a few months for your hormones to get back to normal, which means it could take a few months for you to get pregnant.
It is hard when you have not had a period to base when you ovulate. If you do not get a period by the end of next week then I would take a test.  I got my IUD out in March and got pregnant in July, we only tried for May, June and July so it did not take that long. My son was born the end of the following March.

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