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Trying to decide on a name. :)

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My due date is January 23, so I am running out of time to pick the right name. I really like the names: Matthew,Gavin,Ayden,Emmett, and Joel. I am having a hard time finding middle names so if you have any suggestions that would be great!

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i like gavin and the american meaning is battle hawk, whick is kinda cool and modern. ayden is my son's name. i love it, but i do warn you there is this trend of aidans, caydens, jaydens. i didnt know that until i had already named my son, but i still love the name and the meaning: little fire. i can over look a trend for the meaning.hope i helped:)
I really like Ayden too, and I really love the meaning. But I am having a hard time putting a middle name with it, and I am not sure if I wanna go with something as popular, but I really do like it.
I like Emmett. It's a name we're considering for our (hopefully) son that will be born this summer. Personally, I don't like popular names. I like traditional names, but ones that not everyone else is using. Try looking at the social security database for names. My husband and I consult that, as well as Baby Names World when thinking about names. The SSA site gives us information based on popularity and trends, and Baby Names World has info from people with the name talking about how they get made fun of, whether or not it's mispronounced, etc.
I really like all the names Matthew, Gavin, Ayden, Emmett, and Joel. But My favorite is Mathew, it is looking so cute and unique and i really love the meaning (Gift of God). Matthew is an Anglicization of the Irish name Mathuin, meaning bear. It was first named Saint Matthew.

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