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Trying to get pregnant, but my periods have stopped!

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I'm 29 years old and have a two and a half year old. I went off the pill in February and had a regular period February, March, and April, then skipped May, then had one in June and now none since. Without birth control I'm normally irregular, occasionally skipping a month here and then. It is unusual for me to skip two months in a row and have never skipped three months! I've taken many pregnancy tests..usually taking one around the time my last period in June came and then every couple weeks. Nothing...always negative. In July, i believe, i was experiencing what i thought could be pregnancy signs- headaches, Very tired all the time, increased hunger, irritability. Those lasted about two or three weeks and went away. I don't feel pregnant..but never did with my first child either. I'm not sure what to do. I'm assuming I'm not pregnant, but not sure how to track my ovulation schedule without having a period as a reference point. Any suggestions?

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A similar thing happened to a friend of mine, she took several pregnancy tests that all came out negative, but eventually she went to a doctor and found out she actually was pregnant. I know those home tests are pretty accurate, but they are still only 99% and sometimes they just don't detect the hormone in your urine that suggests pregnancy. Go see a doctor, he can tell you for sure. And if you are, congratualtions! Hopefully I'll be next because I'm trying for my second too! Good luck! :-)
See your doctor. Have a blood test done to see if you're pregnant. If you aren't, you can get some testing done to see what's going on with your hormones.
I had this issue myself and found out I inherited polycistic ovary syndrome from my mother. I had to take meds to help my body ovulate properly so i could get pregnant. I suggest seeing your doctor 

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