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Trying to get prego after more than 5 yrs on depo shot. Any advice??

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Im 33 proud mother of 3 and would like to have my last baby i didnt have a problem before triyng to conceive however this time I spend more time on the depo shot almost 6 yrs nd already had 3 miscarriages in 3 yrs I fill terrible I thank god for the kids that i have I fell more prepare than ever before nd I cant describe my felings at this time that I cant get prego all i get from doctors is your ok it happens I dont drink dont smoke, does any one had suggestion for me, did this happens to any one Im scare I hear that some girls got steril for using the depo shot for long time please help!!!

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just take a test to find out when your ovulating i think theres one on this website and then you and your husband can wait to have sex untill your gonna ovulate and and try this position your man on top with your legs on his shoulders it helps you get pregnant and elivating your legs after sex helps his sperm get to your egg
If you had 3 miscarriages in 3 years its probably best to visit your dr. and ask to see a specialist.  I know miscarriage is common, but if you've never had problems before, then I would definitely get some expert opinions.  Also google depo shot side effects and see what other people say about it - may be a common, unadvertised side effect or may not be related to using the shot at all.  Good luck with everything!
I had the shot three times and it took me a year and a half to get pregnant afterwards. I didn't get my period until about 10 months after my last shot. I've done alot of research and it looks like with the shot it's completely normal to take time, but it depends on the person. I've also read about many women miscarrying after the shot due to imbalances. I hope im not one of them, but its to early to tell. Good luck and I know everyone says this but i got pregnant after I stopped trying. 
My spouse and i give thanks to god with the kids which i have My spouse and i fell into  a lot more prepare yourself than any other time nd My spouse and i cant summarize our felings presently that.
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