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trying to a have a baby

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hello we have been trying since july 2014 to have a baby ! I had my nexplanon removed in July 2014 after having it in since 2010 and now it is February 2015 and no luck we doing everything we have been told

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If you ask me i would say Babies r us is specially made for babies you will find everything you and your baby need.
It is different for everyone, it can be weeks or months before some get pregnant I've heard. Just keep holding on I'm sure it'll happen :)
Pre-cum isn't full on semen but it IS possible to get pregnant if it was on his fingers and he touched you down there etc. take a test to be sure, but I'm sure you will be fine.
Trust your gut, it's a huge commitment financially and emotionally...really think about your future. My daughter was a surprise and I'm doing it on my own. It's tough, but never doubt if you'll be a good mother or not, I still doubt myself to this day but I get daily encouragement that I'm a damn good one. It takes a lot of sacrifices and you're so young think about it, you may think you're ready but you very well may not're just're in the honeymoon phase..enjoy it

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