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ttc for a baby (Girl) n so frustrated :/

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ive been ttc for mths now n im very frustrated. my last cycle was 12.8.11. anyways my fertile days were on 12.17.11 to 12.21.11 n i had sex on 12.17.11. now, i hav one kid now (boy) n im afraid to get my hopes up n think i "might" be preggo b/c every mth i try im disappointed. i found this website called n i put in my last cycle n it gave me my fertlie days ttc n it says tht best chances to conceive a girl was the 17th n 18th. i do kno tht if u wanna hav a girl ur suppose to hav sex a few days b4 ovulation n to conceive a boy as close to ovulation. well, i succeeded on the boy. my worries r tht my age n a woman loses eggs n becomes less fertile by 45. NO! im not 45 or 40 YET! i already hav the problem w/fertility n always hav so i take clomid to help (thts how i got my boy QUICKLY lol). well, it seems tho i keep missing my timing but i do kno when i ovulate by the pains n twinges i get on one side of my ovaries n the mucous. im at the end of my rope n about to give up but, i dnt want to. i tell my partner tht we need to hav lots of sex ttc but it only seems tht we do it once a day on my fertile days then we stop for the mth til the next mth if im not preggo. WHAT AM I OR WE DOING WRONG???? PLS HELP! thxs.

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I would try to have sex a little before your expected days. I know with me I was trying really hard and we did not try very long but the first few months we tried on when I thought I was ovulating and it was a fail. Well the month I did concieve we had sex once and it was earlier then I thought I ovulated and so I did not think that month was going to take and it did. So try having sex more then just the time you think you are ovulating. It is also good not to have sex every day for the whole month. Maybe get an ovulation kit. I thought I knew by cramps and mucus but I was wrong.
Try using the home ovulation test kits. They register a hormone that is released by the body a couple of days before ovulation occurs. I used them, partially for birth control, and had no trouble conceiving. We had intercourse before I ovulated and I got pregnant with a girl. Female sperm swim slower but live longer than male sperm who swim quickly but die quickly. So if you have intercourse a couple of days before you ovulate you have a greater chance of having the female sperm reach the egg.

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