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tubing while pregnant

4 answers
can i go tubing down a river while 5 months pregnant? thank you

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I would call your OBs office and ask, but my guess is it is most likely safe. Assuming we are talking about floating down the river rather than being pulled by a boat. Load up on sunscreen, your skin is so much more sensitive right now than it normally is. Be sure to bring a few water bottles as well so you don't become dehydrated. Like I said though call your doctor, and clear it with him first, sometimes it feels  like we are bugging him but in reality it is better to ask than to just assume. Have fun.
Any bumps could hurt the baby.
I wouldn't go tubing. You never know if you might flip or somehow get hurt. I just wouldn't take the chance. There are a lot of other summer activities you can do without taking a chance with your baby. 
I wouldn't do it either. I know you don't want to miss out, but remember you won't be pregnant forever. You might miss out this one time, but the damage it could cause your baby could last a lifetime. Don't forget, we can't foresee unexpected accidents, thus the name.

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