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tummy time

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at what age is it safe to start tummy time?

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You can start right off doing tummy time. They say the earlier the better. I mean when you first come home it is not something you are really thinking about but by 2 weeks you should maybe try to do a little each day. Lay the baby down on the floor and lay in front of her. Or my sons pt had me lay down with him on my belly and they will pick up their head a little to look at you. Also as he got stronger she had be do it while reclining this got him to pick it up a little more.You can always roll and towel and put it under her arms to help get her chest off the ground. It should only be a few minutes a day, maybe a couple times a day. And make sure you are right there and if she gets upset and you cannot distract her and make her happy then pick her up. No need to make it tramatic.
Right after birth. At first you can start by having your baby lie on your chest. As your baby gets older you can put him or her on the floor. I have a special tummy time mat that has a baby sized Boppy pillow that allows the baby to have the chest and head up so they can look around more as their muscles develop.(I thought this was a silly product when I had my first baby but ended up buying one fir my second. His head was so huge and heavy that his muscles couldn't ever get strong enough to support its weight. We got this mat and he loved tummy time and gained strength quickly.)

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