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twisty feeling in stomach: if prego id be about 7 mos but cycle presen

2 answers
t i took a test in july my period was late then only lasted 2days it was neg but now im feeling twisty feeling and pressure behind my belly button im a smoker so im kinda nervous any advice form anyone???? anybody else experienced this?***** im a heavy girl so i mean my stomach looks the same just feels tighter and ive been really sleepy and all?

answers (2)

I would try taking another test or going to the dr for a blood test. If you feel like you have been pregnant for 7 months then thats a big deal and you should definitely find out for sure. Plus you have smoked the whole time and haven't had any prenatal care, that would be really bad for the baby if you were pregnant. I would start with another home test and if you are still worried then go to the dr. I hope you get the results you are hoping for. Good luck :)
I would go to the Dr right away I mean not to scare you but I'm 7 months pregnant and everything you are saying sounds just like the way I feel. It could be something else but if you don't get checked you'll never know and some women go their whole pregnancy being on their period. So I would go get checked ASAP just to be safe.

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