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two misscarriges what could be the cause???

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I have had two consecutive miscarriges. both at 9 weeks. i was told the pin pointing a cause is almost impossible. i dont trust the doctor i had. we was very cold and insensitive and made me feel stupid. i am trying again and am scared. my best guess from reasearch ive donr is low progesterone. any other ideas??? if i am right what is the best way to treat it? its sunday so i cant call the new doc to make an appointment yet. but im inpatient and curious. any thoughts???

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While you may not have liked your previous doctor, he wasn't entirely wrong. It can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the cause of a miscarriage. Internet research will not give you the answers you are looking for. Only a doctor can figure out what is going on, so be patient until you can get an appointment.

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