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Two young boys not getting regular meals

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I work two jobs and spouse stays at home will some small part time outside work. The two boys rarely eat dinner at the same time of day everyday. The food is mostly like pizza, chicken nugget dinners. The table is never set for food. There are some vegetables and fruit every meal. Is this the new normal for our society? I thought when the young kids come home from school they every day do their homework, eat a good meal and go to bed at the same time every school night.

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It sounds like you need to have a talk with your spouse. If he or she is a mostly stay at home parent there is no reason a healthy dinner isn't being served at approximately the same time every day. Explain your expectations and make sure your spouse follows through with them.I'm a SAHM and except for maybe one night a week when I just don't feel like cooking (I'm pregnant with our third baby and sometimes I'm too tired) I make dinner every night. At least 5 nights a week our whole family eats together and most of the time we eat both breakfast and dinner together. I cook healthy meals from scratch and we always have plenty of vegetables at lunch and dinner and fruit is saved for breakfast and snacks. 

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