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Ugh! Im Tired Of His BullS***! Dont Know What To Do AnyMore Or Believe

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ok well as you know me and my boyfriend have been having a lot of problems and i hate it we always argue about the stupid things and all that and i hate it well this weekeend he was gonna take me and my son home and i was getting all our things ready and i found an open condum!!!!!! and he had said he used it on himself!!???? i didnt believe him so i slapped him and asked my mom to take me home, i dont believe he did but he swears on me and the baby he didnt cheat! we havnt been the same like i dont tell him i love him and he dosnet either he dosent see the baby as much anymore but i dont care anymore any advice

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Dudes don't use condoms when they're alone. While that would make cleanup a little easier, it lessens the sensation they can feel, which is why they don't like using them ever.No matter what you do, keep him a part of your son's life. That is extremelu important. If you want to continue your relationship with him you should probably go to counseling together.
I highly doubt that he would've used it on himself.For the simple fact that guys don't like condoms, but no matter what your desicion is I think it's important that the father is a part of your sons life.
Thank's Mommy's I Don't Either!!:( And It Hurt's To Know That He Lives At My Mom's And Can Still Do Something Like This To Me And Our Son! This Isn't The First Time(Well First With A Condum) He's Cheated On Me 5-6 Times Already,. And Yeah I Know Guy's Don't Like Them I've Only Been With 1 Guy So Idk Much, He Said That I Can Lie Detecter Him If I Don't Believe Him!?? And Yeah I Need His Help But He Just Say's Ok?? Like If He Don't Care  And All He Want's To Do Is Sleep Eat & Do Stupid Thing's With His Idiot Friend's!!!!! So I Simply Just Ignor Him!!! I Wanna Go To Consuling But He Start's Yelling And All That.. It's Too Much Stress Already

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