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im 6 months pregnant with another boy. my 8 month old son and i are the best playmates, but he has become super sensitive ONLY with me, every night he has so much trouble getting in a comfortable position to go to sleep but he will not let me even touch him. in the morning when i wake up hes always laying his head down on my belly, i feel bad! his dad is usually his superman for everything but he will not respond to him either. what can i do or buy him to help him sleep, or will i just have to deal with it?

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For everyone's sake, he needs to be sleeping in his own bed. Once your new baby comes it's going to be too difficult to have two in your bed. As far as his sensitivity is concerned, he's probably sensing that things are changing. Having two so close in age can be difficult because the older one is still such a baby. He's going to have to adjust to things on his own, there isn't really anything you can do or buy to make it easier. Just give him as much love as you can.

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