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Unique Baby Names :)

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My boyfriend and I have been thinking about baby names for a while, and now that there is a possibility of me being pregnant (a greaattt possibility), I'd like some input on our names :) *please note that I am a huge admirer of the Greek culture and their mythology* Perseus Othello for a boy. Calista Persephone for a girl.

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Pandora,athena,zues,atlanta are good greek mytholigy names.
Another thing to help you pick names is the baby name geenie its great I love the baby name geenie. And something me and my husband love to do is put our names together and see what we come out with. Also (this has nothing to do with names) but if you plan on breastfeeding the yoomi bottle is great I got it from, its shaped like a breast and my daughter likes it. She is breastfed and sometimes I leave her with my husband to go somewhere and I pump but she won't drink out of any bottles and I have tried everything but I got her to drink out of the yoomi bottle. Good luck I hope everything works for you!!!!
I think Calista is pretty for a girl. You have to be careful with boy's names though. Well, you need to be careful with girl's names too but it's easier to find an unusual name for a girl that won't get her made fun of. Naming a child is one of the very most important things you will ever do. A person's name is their first impression and if you choose an unusual name you may be setting your child up for a lot of heartache. Trust me, I have one and so does my husband. We're 28 and 31 respectively and we still hate our names. We will always hate our names. The mild resentment we feel towards our parents because our names is nothing compared to what we have to deal with every time we meet a new person. I have a name (Valerya) that isn't spelled the traditional way, but even if it were people still wouldn't be able to pronounce it or spell it. My husband's name is Forrest and he hates it because it's a hippy name and people don't understand it right away.Names are a big deal, make sure you choose one that will be easy for your child to deal with when learning to read and write, throughout school and into adulthood. It's irritating to have to repeat your name two or three times every time you meet someone new. It feels terrible to cringe every time someone tells you how pretty your name is (oncfe they finally understand it) because of all the trouble it has caused throughout your life. It's incredibly heartbreaking when other kids make fun of your name in school because as a kid you can't do anything about it, all you can do is wonder why your parents chose it in the first place.
my cousin and his wife named their son Aleron Ra Adontis its from the Greek culture and i love it they call him ra lol
I agree with VforVenture, I would be cautious of naming your baby such an out of the box name like Perseus. Calista is not bad but Perseus might be a hard name to have. It might be cute for a little baby but that baby is going to grow into a teenager then a man and I'm not sure that they would appreciate that name the way maybe you do. Naming your baby is a tough but important job. But I would try to give your baby a name they would be proud of and not have a hard time with through out their lives.
I think is good to pick names.

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