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I had my period from February 22nd to the 28th, normal period days for me. On March 4th, I had unprotected sex, but took the Next Choice One Dose (morning after pill) 2 hrs after. Well, I didn't see or experience any side effects until 6 days later (which is very odd for the Morning After pill... The symptoms started out as major cramping (for about...5 mins) then breast soreness (which I know both can be symptoms of the morning after pill). Then, on the 12th of March (the day after I supposedly ovulated), I had unprotected sex again. This time. my BF and I decided not to take another morning after pill and just let nature decide for us. It's been 6 days since and the symptoms are still persisting. I also have that metallic taste in my mouth, slight (but not severe) lower abdominal cramps (kind of like menstrual cramping, but I usually do not get those type of cramps before I start my period), nausea and sometimes headaches and feeling nauseous after eating. I am a little scared to take a home pregnancy test, but I asked my friend what her symptoms were before she found out she was pregnant and they matched what I'm feeling. Advice or a little encouragement to take a HPT?

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