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So, Sunday I took an EPT Test and it came back negative. HOWEVER, I'm still breaking out, still have minor cramps, I've gained about five pounds, I still have to pee every hour, my emotions are still haywire, I still get headaches and I am now a nine days late on my period. Oh, and I spotted while wiping Sunday night. So, I was telling all of this to my Mom and, apparently, our family has this type of problem. She and her mother didn't know they were pregnant until they were about 2 1/2-3 months pregnant and even then, they had to get a blood pregnancy test to confirm that they were pregnant. On top of that, my mother didn't have symptoms of pregnancy while she was pregnant with my brother. So, there's still a chance that I might be pregnant. Also, I have an appointment with my doctor and hopefully, he'll take a blood pregnancy test. I'll give you all an update when the results come back. HOPEFULLY, it's positive!!

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Definitely get a blood test from your doctor. Your hormone levels might just be too low for a pregnancy test to register.
Update: I went to the doctor and told the nurse about the situation and what's all been happening.  The doctor came in and said that I was no way pregnant; my period's have gone back to being irregular; that I'm supposed to wait for my period now and that she WAS NOT going to order a blood test for me.  She said that the best she could do was order another EPT test for tomorrow morning, but I'm not going to do it.  I've already had two negative ones and do not feel like being tossed around for another one.  I have no idea what I should do, but I feel so angry with my doctor that I might cry...
I would be very angry. I would have demanded a blood test from your doctor. It's not like she would have had to do anything more than write up a lab slip. There's no harm in it whatsoever. You know what? I'm angry now that your doctor was so rude about this! I'm really sorry. Just wait it out and try taking another test in a couple of weeks. Or think about finding a new doctor.
That is ridiculous!! I can't believe she was so rude. You should think about switching doctors. I had the same situation, and my doctor ordered a blood test without my having to even request it, and wouldn't you know.. It was positive!
How Rude!!!!!! I Can't BELIEVE It!!! You Should Defenitly Find Another Doctor! Little Do You Know This Also Had Happened Too Mee Myy Doctor Didn't Want To So I Went Some Were Else They Did It Right Away 2 Day's Later Wennt Back It Was Positive! (: Soo Don't Give Up!
Thanks guys.  I'm thinking about asking for another doctor-a military one at that.  Her rude behavior doesn't sit well with me and her inconsideration at the fact that I didn't pop positive last time until I was 6 weeks along bothers me.  I've also thought about going to a doctor off-base, but my husband and I don't have that kind of money.  Thank you all for your support and kind words.  I'm now 10 to 11 days late on my period and the next time that I'm supposed to bleed is the 8th of April.  The week before the 8th will be my 6-week mark.  I don't know whether to feel hopefull or to try and get on birthcontrol.
Another thing, I do not if y'all are rH-, but my blood type is O-.  According to the doctors at my hospital and what I can remember of the conversation: If you (the mother) are rH- and the baby is rH+, your body thinks that the baby is an irregularity in your body and begins to attack it.  It can cause death to the baby and/or complications in the pregnancy.  The first time you get the shot that "ensures" that your baby will be fine is around 6 weeks.  I hope that if I am pregnant, I will get the shot in time.
Well girls, I'm starting to show signs of bleeding when I wipe. Not exactly period blood, but light tendrils of blood. It happened on Sunday and again today. Maybe the doctor's right and I'm not pregnant and am only waiting on my period. It's depressing and I'm sorry that I took up your time. When the period starts, I'm going back to the doctor and am getting birth control to re-regulated my period. Again, I'm sorry, but thank you for all the answers and encouragement.
I'm rH+, so I never had to deal with that. But, my mom is rH-. I don't think she had any problems early on, she just had to get shots during pregnancy.If you don't get an actual period you should definitely see a different doctor for a blood test. And don't be sorry, you didn't waste our time. We're all here to answer questions and offer support.
I am rH-, and i had go to get the injection once when i was pregnant, and then again at the hospital. Luckily, Ally was rH- as well, but as a precaution they gave me the shot. I was scared to death when they first told me what could happen!!And even if you're not pregnant, you didn't waste anyone's time!


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