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Update and Quetion

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Update: I started my period last Tuesday, 24 April 2012. It was a regular period: lining, blood, 7 days, cramps, bloating, mood swings, and the whole sha-bang. My question is this: Should I go back on the birthcontrol or should I wait to see if it goes back to normal and/or when I ovulate? Also, if I wait, should I buy those ovulation testers to see if/when I ovulate?? If my periods do not go back to normal, should I go see a doctor to test whether I'm ovulating at the right time and if I have a medical condition? If my periods do not go back to normal, should I test for ovulation anyway?? Sorry Ladies for all the questioning and updates, but I'm trying. I really am trying. At this point, I've been trying for close to a year (June would make a year) to get pregnant and, apparently, there's been no luck thus far. According to some medical definitions that I've looked up, I COULD BE infertile. Which worries me to no end. I'm NOT saying that I am infertile, but I am saying that there's a great possibility.

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I think you need to talk to your doctor. Ask these questions. Your doctor may want to do some tests or may want to refer you to a fertility specialist.
Honestly, I'm a little afraid to ask my doctor these questions.  If it were a Women's Health doctor, I could ask these questions with ease, but I cannot make an appointment with Women's Health unless I talk to my primary doctor first... and these questions just aren't the kind of questions to ask a male doctor or a female, civilian doctor who has her opinions of things and likes to make decisions of her own... and make you stick with her decisions... See my dilemma? >.<
Okay, I've made an appointment with the female doctor on the 3 May.  Hopefully, she won't screw my head off and throw it across the room with her opinions.  She's the one who put me on B/C and she'll say something to that effect and wonder why I'm going BACK in for a fertility appointment, but I really need to know.  Thanks V.
Why can't you just see an ob/gyn without seeing your primary doctor first?

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