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Update on my pregnancy.

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I have excersized throughout my pregnancy and it started as walking and eventually turned into a run for like 30 minutes. I started having cramps this morning and then I went to the doctor because I was freakin, and when I got there they told me I was going into early labor. So I was totally freakin out, they gave me somethin to try to stop the labor. And it did, but I am on bedrest.Sam is not here to help so my mom has been helping with the baby, and by helping I mean she is taking care of her.I don't get out of bed for anything, and it's gonna be like this untill like 37 weeks.. So it is horrible, I can't get the new babys room fixed and I am not able to let my husband know what happend.I am not telling sam anything because I don't want him to be worried,so I thought I would tell everyone.

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I'm sorry that happened. It's best not to increase your activity level during pregnancy for just this reason. Maintaining the same level of exercise is usually fine, but it's best to discuss exercising with your doctor.

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