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Vacuum? :(

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My son is 10 days old today. i had to get a c-section done because i was in labor for 36 hours and didn't dilate past a 3. the doctor used a vacuum and said the bump would go down in a few days, well its the 10th day and Ryan's bump is still very visible. it's gone down some but it's still pretty big. is it normal for the bump to still be there that long?

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Congratulations on your little boy!My first baby was vacuumed out because she was hand breech. (I also got an episiotomy because of that.) It's been about 3 1/2 years so I can't remember everything, but I think her bump and bruise only took a few days to go away. You might give your pediatrician a call to see if your son needs to be seen sooner than his next checkup. It never hurts to call if you feel like something isn't right.
Thanks V(: Hes so adorable, its amazing how I fell in love at first sight :) I called and set an appointment for tomorrow, hopefully its nothing bad. Hes a big boy though. 10lbs even & 21" in long :))
He's probably ok, but he could have some swelling as a result of the vacuum. I hope everything turns out ok, I know how scary things can be sometimes. Being a new mommy is tough!He is a big boy! I thought my son was big but he was only 8lbs 9oz when he was born. My new little girl was tiny, only 7lbs 5.2 oz. It's amazing how deeply we fall in love with our babies, isn't it? And it only gets better as they grow up!
congrats(: on your new little one(: i hope all goes well keep us updated!(: my son is 1 month & almost 2 months (: there very adorable and wow! you were in labor a long time as well as i 24 hours!(: but he was born natural it hurt but was all worth it!

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