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vanishing twin syndrome?

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When my youngest son was born in 09, he arrived with an extra umbilical cord and an extra bag of water ( thats probably why I gained an extra 15 pounds with him :p), anyway, the doctors contributed all of the extras to vanishing twin syndrome. But i dont remember having any of the common vanishing twin symptoms, except maybe slight pelvic pain and light cramps...also my ultrasounds never showed more than one baby..?? could it of been something else and not an extra baby??

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With vanishing twin syndrome one twin dies very early on and its tissues are essentially absorbed by your body. If you didn't get an early ultrasound (before 12 weeks) that twin wouldn't have been seen. And even if you did have an early u/s it's easy to miss a twin if it's hiding behind the other baby or in a different location.It's possible it could have been something else, but you'd have to talk to your doctor about that.
Vanishing twin syndrome usually arises early on in pregnancy. Unless you see two babies on an early ultrasound it's almost impossible to diagnose. Talk to your doctor for more information.

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