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vasectomy reversal vs. IVF... tips or thoughts? HELP!!

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Hi! I'm currently engaged and my fiance had a vasectomy about 8 years ago. He has 3 children from his previous marriage; this is my first marriage and I've never tried to have kids in the past. We've recently decided that we'd like to have a baby of our own. I've been researching information regarding our options (vasectomy reversal vs. IVF) Neither of us have fertily issues other than his vasectomy. I don't believe that our insurance covers either procedure and am fearful that we will spend a lot of money and then have our dreams crushed by failure. Since I know that it can take up to a year after the procedure (vasectomy reversal) for a pregnancy, I'd like to save the money and do the procedure soon since we would like to try to have the baby, if possible, within 3 years. If you have any information or words of windom and encouragement that you have gained from your experiences, please share them! Thanks!

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Since both procedures are expensive and probably not covered by insurance I would look into adoption instead. There are so many babies and children, especially in the foster care system, who need loving families.
@VforVenture - Thank you very much for your response. I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way bc I don't intend it to, but unfortunately, I don't want to adopt. I'm 26 years old and don't have fertility issues, so at this time I'd like to have a child of our own (genetically ours). I want the experience of being pregnant. I'm looking for information from other people who have gone through a similiar situation who can possibly give me advice on what was successful for them. Thank you again for your advice. Best Regards!
I would be concerned about the cost too. However if you do IVF another unplanned pregnancy wouldn't be possible after the first child is born. If you are wanting more than one child I would do the reversal, but if I only wanted one I would do IVF. Have you researched whether your husband can have another vasectomy?  Or how painful it is? What are your plans after the baby is born. Don't look at just now look at what will happen after the baby, and what you all will want on down the road.
Hello, my husband just had his vasectomy reversed after 6yrs this past April. Unfourtnatly I am not expecting yet. But good news our insurance did cover it after the deductable. I would definatly contact them and ask. I will say it is painful for them my husband was off for two weeks.Then light duty another 2 weeks. The 1st week I stayed home with him he was in extreme pain. We have read that it can take up to a year to reproduce or as little as 3 months. Good luck to you in what ever your decide to do.
@mattyn410 - thank you so much for your advice. I do believe I will be happy with just one child. We have an appointment this after to discuss the vasectomy reversal with a doctor... we have been told to test for sperm antibodies first before proceeding with the reversal. If positive for the antibodies my doctor suggests that we go for IVF... I pray to God that all goes well.
@Percifull - WOW! if you don't mind me asking... what insurance do you have??I'm sorry to hear about all the pain your husband went through. I have discussed this with mine, but he insists that he will go through with the reversal and deal with the pain so that I don't have to go through IVF (hopefully). I think he feels guilty for the decision he made before meeting me and now I have to deal with his decision. I have told him that if it's not meant to be for us that I will be okay with that too! We have been praying... we have an appt this afternoon to meet with the Urologist... Yes, I have also heard of success stories where people have conceived 3 months after the reversal, but I keep reading that it can take up to well over a year. Best of luck to you also... I know we don't know each other, but keep me posted as I will keep you in my prayers :)  
We have Anhthem Blue Cross and Blue Sheid.Best of Luck :)

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