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I'm sorry, but I really need to express my concerns. You don't have to read this and if you do, then you aren't pressured into replying. My last period was 10 February, which means that I am two months and a eight days late. I've been on birthcontrol (Ortho Tricyclene) for about two weeks now (with two days missed, oops) and I'm worried about whether the birthcontrol will give me my period this month or not. If not, then that means that I would have gone three months without a period. I don't know if I should stop taking the birthcontrol or not, but I almost want to. You know, to see if my period comes naturally. If I DO stop my birthcontrol, will my periods revert to being irregular again? And what about them being irregular all of a sudden?! I've had normal, monthly periods for, like, YEARS. What happened??? Back to the point, I don't really want to be on birthcontrol and something inside of me is telling me to just stop, but I don't know if it's my laziness (and I don't know if I can really say that because I'm also taking Mobic for shin splints daily) or just an inert, distinct push to get me to not take it. I mean, is the birthcontrol harming me? Probably not, but there's no guaruntee (sp?) that it will help me, either. I'm stressing, can you tell?? *weak laugh*

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I don't mean to be rude, but do you understand how birth control pills work? With a traditional pill like Ortho TriCyclen there are three weeks of active pills containing hormones that will regulate your cycle. There is also a fourth week of inactive pills that you take simply to keep you on schedule. During that week of inactive pills you should have your period. It can sometimes take a couple of months for a woman's cycle to be fully regulated by hormonal birth control.Talk to your doctor about your irregular periods. In the meantime, stay on thebirth control and give it time to work.
Yes, V, I know how B/C works.  Like I said, I was simply venting. 
Ok...I just wasn't sure since you seemed so upset about not getting your period even though you've only been on the pill for two weeks. Obviously, you shouldn't have had a period yet. It's a bit of a "duh" situation and I was having trouble understanding your frustration.
LOL.  No, I understand that my period isn't supposed to come while on birthcontrol.  That is, except for the period of time when I take the "blue pills." as they are called on different websites.  Now, I'm merely frustrated at the fact that I had to go on birthcontrol because my body decided to screw up.  I'm worried that maybe the birthcontrol won't work, that maybe my body is just THAT messed up.  However, I'm sure that if I don't then it's something that can be adressed and solved by way of a doctor.

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