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Very akward question here....

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So im 5 1/2 mths preg and i can still suck in my stomach to where i dont look preg at all. I was just wondering if this is hurting my baby or what... Thank you.

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I think thats funny.  The day before my sister gave birth she could suck in so you couldn't see the baby at all.  It was very strange to see!  Even if it was cutting off oxygen to the baby you can't suck in long enough to do any damamge, but don't test it. 
I know that you aren't suppose to wear tight pants while pregnant but I don't think that just sucking in won't do much. Like Milliesmom said, I won't do it too much though.
If you are worried about it hurting the baby dont do it... But that is crazy :)
Hmm, being 5 and a half months pregnant, baby is getting kinda big in there, I would say ask your physician, because to me it would seem as though it would hurt the baby. Even if its not cutting off oxygen or whatever, I would imagine if your are sucking in so hard that you cant tell your pregnant, your uterus is a muscle, so it would contract in such a way that would squeeze the baby. And it may stress the baby out enough that it could throw you into pre-term labor, I wouldnt do it myself...but just to be safe, ask your OB/Midwife. At a month pregnant is different lol, but yeah I would really check before doing it again.
I think her question is "is the fact that I'm still so small at 5.5 months hurting my baby" - I don't think she's asking about sucking in her stomach! I'm an RN and I've seen women at your stage who don't look pregnant, and then I've seen women at three months who are OBVIOUSLY pregnant. If it concerns you, talk to your MD, but I've seen it all.
I am only 3months 3wks along (15wks) and people can tell I am pregnant and I can actually feel the baby moving and kicking and doesnt feel like gas bubbles or anything. Even though this is my second time around, but is that normal ?? I know each pregnancy is different.
im 15 weeks so 3 months and i already have a little belly it could be hurting the baby ask the doctor
Its really crazy. not sure is it hurt the baby or not. But you should ask a doc.

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