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very bad back pain ! ...

2 answers
im 21 weeks pregnant & i have really bad back pain in one spot ! . its on the right side of my back in the middle . it hurts like hell !!! . is it normal? my boyfriend wanted to take me to the hospital because i was crying . but i didnt wana go . its been like this since yesterday . i goes away briefly but comes back strong . .. is it juss where my baby is ? or is it something else ? . & can i put a icy hot on it???

answers (2)

I'm in my third pregnancy and I've never had intense back pain like that unless I actually injured it somehow. If you don't want to go to the ER, I don't blame you. It's expensive and the waits are ridiculous. But you should definitely call your doctor's office first thing Monday morning to be seen.
i went & they said its my muscles stretching & theres nothing they can do . they just gave me some tips on how to help it . but it still hurts alot sometimes 

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