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Very concerned about my nephews...

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Just wanted to get some advice. My 12 year old nephew is horribly addicted to the internet and is using twitter and other social media websites in a very dangerous, immature, and disrespectful way. I have spoken directly to his mother (my sis in law) several times about this and his uncle has spoken directly to the child and no changes have been made. He is online practically every moment of the day, on very late at night, sometimes until 2am on school nights, is talking about inappropriate things with other users, and being very disrespectful (telling his mother, uncle, and i to "f*** off" etc.) The other son, a 13 year old, has extreme anxiety and stays home from school for days and weeks at a time for imaginary illnesses. Not to mention that they have never been taken to a dentist and to not have good personal hygiene, which is painfully obvious. Despite our best efforts to convince the mother to deal with the internet addiction, anxiety, and health issues, she has done nothing to help and basically has told us to back off. What should I do now? Do i just walk away and stay out of it, contact CPS, call their school social worker?? I am very worried that once summer break starts that conditions at the house will get worse as the mother and kids won't have to keep up appearances for the school. Also, I have contacted twitter several times to report that he is an underage user and is in violation of their policy of no users under the age of 13. According to their website the account should be terminated, however it is still active and I haven't received a response from twitter about my concerns.

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^^^^what does that have to do with her question? Anyways, do you know the school that your nephews attend? You can talk to their Guidance Counselor about the issues and leave it to them. They will typically take the precautions you want to see and give you piece of mind.

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