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very confused!!!

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I am very confused, I went to my doctor on monday due to having some bleeding, they did an ultra sound and said that i was going to most likely miscarry, they took a blood sample to check my HCG levels and said that they were low and that they would repeat my levels in two days. ( mondays level 179 and then it was 189 on wednsday) my doctor seemed very confussed and said that she was shocked because she was positive that i would miscarry before seeing her again and even though my levels were increasing that i would still miscarry. well i went back today and my HCG levels have gone up again to 207 and i had another ultrasound done the said they couldnt tell anything from the scan and that even though my levels have increased the pregnancy was not going to be viable and that i have to have another HCG test monday and another ultrasound done. my doctor doesnt have any answers for my questions all she says is that i will miscarry and she cant explain my increasing HCG levels. an ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out, has anyone else had or heard of this??? my bleeding has stopped and my cervix is still closed. Im very confused im told to have no hope but nothing is being done if the doctor says there is no way this pregnancy is viable why are they still doing scans and blood work and giving me false hope rather that stopping the inevitable???

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When I was 7 weeks pregnant with my son I had some bleeding. I was terrified, and went to the ER. I was eventually diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage and everything turned out fine. But, the ultrasound I had showed my baby had a strong heartbeat and that everything was you know what your doctor saw on your ultrasound that would make her so sure that you should miscarry? Was there something wrong with the baby or placenta or something?

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