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very dizzy..can i be pregnant?

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i know pregnancy signs won't show before 2 weeks. but i just can't stop vomiting, and dizziness, chills and hot rushes, my period was 13/6, and i had sex 23/6..can i be pregnant? i sleep a lot thanks to exhaustion (have no reason to be exhausted)

answers (5)

no one on the internet is going to be able to tell you if you are pregnant, or not. wait two weeks after the last day you had sex, so that was 6/23?  take a test on july 7th. if it comes back negative, and you still think you are pregnant, call your doctor and have a blood test done. some women need a blood test instead of urine. don't forget to tell him that you smoke. i have no doubt that you will be told to quit, for the safety of you and your unborn child. it's a mother's choice, but certainly not a healty one.
It sounds more like you have the flu, actually: vomiting, dizziness, chills/hot rushes, exhaustion.  I'd treat this as flu, and not pregnancy: so sleep, chicken soup, and whatever flu meds work for you.
Definately take a preg test, a good one not the 99 cent one.  You could be pregnant, but as arizona said you could be sick.
You just have to take an OTC test, they are pretty accurate. Buy a 2 pack and retest again in a week, this way you will know either way. Good Luck!
This could be a signal, try doing the test. - Greg, fashion lover and plus size cocktail dresses creator.

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